by tamarjacobson


Quote of the day

Thing to remember is if we're all alone, then we're all together in that too. Kathy Bates in P.S. I Love You

I am all out of resolutions. As this year draws to a close, naturally I start to think about the walk ahead. 2009 holds a few jewels and gems. I'll be turning 60, and, in a way or two, that looms large for me. Nothing is clear cut. I feel wide open for anything that comes my way. No rules, no fear (The Jane Austen's Book Club). 

For sure I will be continuing the exploration of intelligence and independent thought, as well as my sexuality. Finally, I have begun shedding the shame, and as it falls away, bit by it, more formidable pieces of my inner Self rise up to greet me. 

There is no way for me now, but forward – onward. A weight is lifting, and shifting, literally and figuratively. So, if I was to translate any of this into resolutions, it would be to do more of the same: 

hold still, keep on keeping on – detaching and letting go more and more of the wanting-to-belong-needing-acknowledgment addictions – through even more compassion and self-acceptance.

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