The Christmas gift 2008

by tamarjacobson


In the heart of Anacortes


Christmas out West was more special than usual for me this time. 


For, I was officially inducted into the Jacobson family. And, as they accompanied the spontaneous and surprising ceremony with gifts and beautiful words, it was as if a huge, warm, woollen blanket was wrapped around, embracing me with a feeling of security and unconditional loving, the likes of which I cannot ever remember.


The gifts: Dick's hand carved bowl, smoked salmon, and Seattle Rain soap


Champagne toast by the hearth in Anacortes


JJ and TJ …

IPhoto Library 

Words from JJ:

Never Forget That you are Loved

If I had given birth to a daughter, I would have wanted her to be: beautifully loving and deeply compassionate toward others, like you; highly intelligent, successful and gifted in her profession, like you. I would have wanted her to be funny and playful with a delightful sense of humor, like you; In other words, my daughter would be exceptional, loving, caring and talented, just as I have always known you to be. I would be so proud, if you would be the daughter I have always wanted. 

Family members

Two mothers: JJ and Nelle


Just call me, "Sis:" (Milya)


Randy, our brother …


Jared – the best playmate a gal could wish for … because he knows how to wage a very cool silly-string-spray war!


Makaila and Maddie playing music from Twilight.


Missy, who came all the way from Florida, having to change out of her shorts to greet the Seattle snow.


Nelle and Missy preparing the evening meal.


We did not forget: Milo and Roscoe:

And, now … presenting … The chief instigator … TLJ


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