by tamarjacobson


Four years ago I started blogging, and now I wonder if I will continue. For, I am able to stay connected quite well with my Internet buddies through Twitter and Facebook. If connection is the main reason for blogging, that is. I have long since given up writing for others to read, especially as I am noticing fewer and fewer readers stopping as the days go by. Indeed, I have been turning to private journaling these past months – writing thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas, opinions, and experiences in a little notebook that I was given a couple of years ago. I am talking about writing by hand. Like long ago when I was very young. 

This year, I am certainly entering a new era – my sixties. I feel the shift. It rumbles deep within me and separates me from my past in profound ways. Psychological changes and self alteration in my personal and professional life is happening faster than I can write about it lately. Old paradigms, like ancient walls, are crumbling around me exposing realities and truths that I can no longer ignore or deny. I am wide awake, even as I sleep. And, sometimes, for no apparent reason, I suddenly laugh aloud joyfully. Am I free at last?

Indeed, on this my fourth blogging-aversary I wonder about continuing blogging …

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