Being me

by tamarjacobson


Quotes of the day

There really is no such thing as a "uniform environment." Every child in the family has a different set of parents. Parents change as do their life circumstances. Often the older children grow up in a poor family while the youngest grow up in a more prosperous one. Or perhaps Dad drank when the first children were young, but stopped by the time the last one was born. An easy, loving child is likely to experience responsive, available parents. A colicky baby who fusses a great deal finds himself held by a less relaxed and more irritable mother. A boy who worships his dad is likely to elicit equal loyalty from him. Everything shapes everything else.

Some of us possess more advantages than others, but in the end, we all create our own inner space. With the right orientation, everything is workable. The great glory of life is in the wiggle room. [Mary Pipher, 2009. Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World. Pages 49 & 50]


Am back in the bosom of the family. A short week seems short to accomplish all the reconnecting that is necessary after a full year has passed. But, it also feels just about the right amount of time for any emotional or psychological research and resolutions. Much more to think and write about. And so, gentle readers, I will soon be back on the blog to tell my tales of inner explorations, as well as complete the post-quel of becoming a sixty-year-old woman!

In the meantime? I am most grateful to all who stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday, here, and on Facebook, and for all your kind and supportive greetings and messages.

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