Tuesday rumblings

by tamarjacobson

Thunder and lightning rolling around the skies this morning, while the birds rush to our feeder, eating hastily in preparation for the storm. The intensity in the air is palpable. Summer has returned, just as spring sneaks away leaving our garden lush and bursting with growth, buds a-plenty on the Hydrangea, Coreopsis, and rose bushes. Walls vibrating with the growling thunder, and lightning flashing brightly lighting up the darkened rooms even as the day dawned many hours ago. The sound of pouring rain is soothing settling amongst the roars and crashes in the sky.

I work quietly at my computer preparing for my presentation in Belfast next week at the World Forum for Early Care and Education. It seems that the turning-60-festivities are fast becoming a distant memory, even as jet-lag, lags no more. Work is calling with future presentations and book editing ahead. 

Ada has climbed into the closet, hunkering down in the dark safety away from the storm at our window – and yet, I feel her presence – always close by. I hear my dear little friend rummaging as she finds a soft, warm spot to catch a nap, ignoring the antics of nature, and allowing the day to pass her by.

Soon, I will gather myself to yoga and meditation, oatmeal and berries and, when the storm has rumbled away, will wander off to work.