Pleasure in the small stuff

by tamarjacobson


When I was young, routines and chores used to drag me down, bore, irritate me, and make me anxious. I wanted more, something different, and most especially, I did not want to be ordinary. Since I turned 60, I find routines and chores to be soothing and calming. Indeed, I cherish them. They have a consistent, comforting rhythm to them, from cleaning the cat litter, to laundry, or watering plants, or even something as mundane as preparing fresh grapefruit or daily oatmeal and my fresh berry breakfast. As I hum along with my daily routines and chores, I feel grateful for them, and at peace. I find pleasure in the small stuff – the day-to-day – ordinary moments of living. I think I might have learned this from Ada … or is it because a year ago I realized that I did not have uterine cancer after all …?