Memories …

by tamarjacobson

… are made of this: [how strange]  a year ago exactly – at Mining Nuggets: News Flash

I have been thinking about my blog, comments from readers, and suggestions and ideas from friends and family. 

I do, so, love blogging. 

I do, so, have a lot to say about all manner of thought, feelings, ideas and so on. 


[me and a mime in Montmartre in May]

And so, I will continue blogging – right hereat this site. But, first, I must get this semester started off. It feels so busy and overwhelming at all sorts of levels and soon I will have organized and compartmentalized all my urgent as well as not-so-pressing projects and assignments – and, well, yes … will be back right here to blog again.

Thanks so much to a number of people for your constant support of me and my blog! I will be back very soon.