The “turning sixty” compilation

by tamarjacobson

It seems that my reflections back in spring and summer of this year about turning, becoming sixty years old, have been helpful to other people in the same boat! So I am making a list of relevant posts right here, with a link to each. I invite all those caring and loving daughters (out there), who might want to share these ruminations with their Moms (or Dads), who seem perplexed or bewildered about reaching this ripe "older" age – to link in … with great love. For, folks, what can I say? I am having the time of my life! 

Here goes:

In conclusion:

Here I am … right here and now … Yes indeed, I made it through! … to … the new and improved sixty year old Tamarika!


[Early September – four months after turning 60 – thanks to Mark Anderson]


[September 19 – taken by a colleague at a conference in New Jersey]

And … finally … September 25 … taken by colleagues in Buffalo this past weekend …