A “self-understanding” meme

by tamarjacobson

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Quote of the day:

The important thing for us is to move forward with humility. [David Axelrod heard on Morning Joe today, in response to President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize]

One nagging thing I still don’t understand about myself ["a potential meme for bloggers as well as psychologists," writes my brother, Norm]

So, here goes mine (in 150 words):

“Why is it,” I ask myself
over and over again, “that I cannot believe people when they compliment,
applaud or acknowledge something, anything, positive about me?” After years of
successful, professional achievements, including a doctorate, authoring three
books, and numerous presentations nationally and internationally, and after
much hard work at self-alteration through different therapies and education, I
still do not believe anyone who praises me, or shows me love through words or
gifts! It could be admiring colleagues complimenting me after successful
keynote speeches, students writing glowing evaluations of my class, or
expressions of love, acknowledgement and appreciation from friends or close family
members. Indeed, I find myself becoming numb, disbelieving, tongue-tied, and,
even, anxious and uncomfortable. I almost always denigrate myself or apologize
in response, and afterwards I shake my head in disbelief and dismay at how
badly I reacted – which, in turn, naturally, makes me feel even worse!