Old is as old does

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

"You're an old lady …" said a three-year-old preschooler to me yesterday while I was visiting one of my early childhood education students in her field placement. 

The little fellow sauntered up to me and asked my name. I told him, and then asked him his. "D.J," he replied. I asked if he would like to shake my hand and he agreed. I took his little hand in mine and as we shook them in greeting I held his wrist gently, tenderly with my other hand. He smiled warmly as did I. 

Then he leaned over the table where I was writing notes about the student, playground, children, cooperating teachers, and such. He looked up into my eyes, and said matter-of-factly, "You're an old lady." I nodded. "Yes, I am," I replied. "But, how do you know?" He pointed to my hair. "Ah," I said. And then he ran off to slide down the long, winding, curly yellow slide.

I sat quietly for a moment and smiled to myself, "I guess I am an old lady," I thought. It felt good. Comfortable. Real. Sincere. The children played on. I had forgotten just how honest and open small children can be. 

As I drove away, D.J. waved goodbye from the top of the slide in the playground. I waved back.

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