Weary to the bone

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

We filter our discipline strategies through emotional memories of punishment. Me from my Power Point presentation.

Last night it was so good to lay in my own bed with little Ada snuggled up close to my feet. Yesterday had been a long day of walking the convention center's concourse, up, up, up the escalators and down, down down again. Talking four hours straight, answering questions, trying to be intelligent, humorous, aware, observant, alert, and welcoming. 

My heart became heavy with people recounting about how they were punished as children with beatings, whippings, name calling and cold showers. By the end of the day, my soul was aching for the human condition. 

I wonder despairingly:

How will we ever develop compassion in this world if so many people have suffered so much humiliation and anxiety as young children? 

How are teachers able to wrap their hearts and minds around our youngest children with compassionate guidance, when their earliest emotional memories are clouded by fear and resentment?

My sister, Elise, sent me a message the other day in response to an email I had sent to the family (on quite a different matter). 

I read it this morning, and plan a new day:

Buddha says live for the day – never think of the past because you are the
past and not tomorrow because you will waste your precious present time in
those thoughts of the future.

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