A room of one’s own

by tamarjacobson

So that is it. I have finally settled into a study of my own in our now house. It has taken almost six weeks to decide which room I would use, and it was a difficult decision indeed.


Up on the third floor under the roof, it has different nooks and angles:


The coffee corner with compact fridge and coffee maker. Now I will not need to run down three flights of stairs to get that second cup of coffee – especially when I am in the middle of blogging, for example!


Plants accompany me even to the third floor …


IKEA chair – one area of IKEA bookshelves … (all put together by self) …


Another set of bookshelves … bowl of water for Ada …


And, last, but not least – the computer station complete with Ada's old bed, and my trusty old desk that I assembled alone sixteen years ago.

I am getting there – slowly but surely. Today, I brewed my first coffee in the new coffee pot.

One of the things I really love about my room, is that there is ample space for me to do yoga. 

Sixteen years ago I read A Room of One's Own, and I think I have finally attained mine. I am allowing it to develop slowly, acquire its own vibe, find its soul, and nourish my brain as I enter into a new writing phase – a new life.