Therapy reflections

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

We all walk the long road. Cannot stay … There's no need to say goodbye … all the friends and family, all the  memories going round, round, round … I have wished for so long … how I wished for you today … Eddie Vedder.

On the eve of therapy what can I say? I start to feel the excitement of my one precious hour of the week where I get to say what I feel, and it is acceptable and valid. And yet … when I arrive at the door, thoughts and feelings fly out the window and I am left sitting on the corner of the couch silent and shy – ashamed that I might be taking up too much time, thinking "Gee, surely he has something better to do than listen to my whining and complaining?" 

By the end of the session somehow I have mined a nugget, discovered something I was aware of somewhere in my psyche, but did not quite know how to put into words, and I stumble out to my car – air seems clearer than when I went in, sky bigger, brain whirling and swirling as I drive away.

And, all the while my perceptions and actions are being ever so slightly tweaked. I find that I approach problems, or I hear someone a little differently. Sometimes I even sense my brain shifting, hear my heart opening – making room for new options.

And then …

one week later …

it starts all over again …

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