by tamarjacobson

It seems like I have lost my focus. Or did I ever have it?

I mean I must have. For, how did I complete a doctoral dissertation, and write or edit three books? How do I organize syllabus's and teach two courses a semester? How do I Chair a department? Make presentations.

Without focus.

And yet, I feel as if I have lost my focus, and, indeed, that I have never had it! 

In fact, it seems as if I have always juggled a number of things at once. For example, as I wrote the dissertation, I was also directing a university child care center, being president of the local, and a member of the State early childhood organization, while teaching courses at three colleges as an adjunct instructor. 

So, is juggling a way for me to focus?

For, as I start one thing I immediately find myself doing a couple of others simultaneously – blogging while paying taxes; drinking coffee as I water the plants, clean the cat litter, do the laundry, and wash dishes; write, and organize my photo albums; organize courses and talk on the phone – on and on …

Last year this time I wrote about wasting time. So, perhaps I feel out of focus right after the holiday season.

Therefore, has focusing something to do with being in or out of routine?

Or with brain-space?

So many ways to think about it.

It makes it harder to focus.

And then …

… why do I care about being focused?

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