by tamarjacobson


[A species of Plumbago in my garden]

Yesterday I was asked to think about why I am so invested in feeling to blame for other people's problems/behaviors/issues … 

The revelation about the why comes as I am twisting into yoga postures or sitting silently in meditation.

So here goes – perhaps:

If I am to blame

If I think it is all about me

Then I have the illusion that I can change it – [if it is about me, I can surely work at fixing me – there is something I can and must do about it]

An illusion that I am in control in a helpless situation – [I think I was taught that something must and can always be done to fix it]

The discomfort is in the holding still – [in doing nothing – not reacting, not fixing me/it]

Accepting that –

It is not about me –

There is absolutely nothing -

I can do about changing them.