It’s the little things …

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Right now, in this moment, there are so many things that are good, that are right in your world. Focus on those. Notice what changes. Geneen Roth

Morning routine:


Rise at 5:00. Walk sleepily in the dark up two flights of stairs to the third floor where my study awaits. Ada bounds up in front of me and starts to pound at the carpet in delight that I have come upstairs. I switch on the coffee machine, which I prepared the night before, turn on the little light above the refigerator. Next, I walk over to my desk and click awake the computer. Time to light a few candles and maybe some nag champa. Less sleepily now, I wander into the bathroom on the third floor, splash water on my face, and fill Ada's water bowl. When I return to my study, Ada is stitting upright on my desk. She squeaks in delight because she knows her treats are soon to arrive. I pour myself some coffee, always smelling the milk that I take out of the fridge because once, many months ago, the milk was off and crinkled up into little white blobs of sourness. Not a great way to start my day, as I recall. So, I smell the milk each morning as one of my awakening rituals. Finally, I arrive at my desk. By now Ada is trembling in delight and expectation as I open the top, right hand drawer to discover the packet of treats nestling there. Ada leans her head forward for a morning kiss and then she walks back to her pillow to await the seven little treats that I count out into the palm of my hand. While she gobbles them up, I stroke her head gently and say, "Good morning, my litttle angel."

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