Nostalgic reading

by tamarjacobson

Looking back seven years ago when I started blogging, I happened upon two July postings (2005). I had returned to Israel for a reunion. It was a very emotional time for me, and I wrote a trilogy describing the ten days there.

What is so telling for me now as I read back in time is I notice that Part I: Personal, has been deleted. I am sorry for myself that I had felt the need to delete it at the time. Sad about my feeling afraid and ashamed enough to do that.

For I imagine today, that the piece probably expressed important feelings. Now, seven years later, I would be more likely to validate those emotions and experiences that happened to me, and share them with pride.

In any event, I share Parts II and III here as I start out July 2012 looking back and thinking forward into future writing of blogs and/or other stuff – personal or professional:

Israel Trilogy: Part II

Israel Trilogy: Part III

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