Rock the cynics – there is hope

by tamarjacobson


[Thanks to Syracuse Cultural Workers]

Four years ago we had the courage to vote for Barack Obama.

We, the people.

The Supreme Court did not have to decide it – we spoke loud and clear. We wanted Mr. Obama to represent and lead us into a different time, and we made sure it happened.

Now, I know there are a lot of people, albeit ignorant, bigoted and misogynistic, who are foaming at the mouth with anger since this happened. After all, the old, patriarchal system could not abide even the thought of a different colored skinned man with a name that might smack of a religion different from theirs, actually living in the "White" House and telling us "what it is" with intelligence and reason.

I get it.

Change is tough to swallow especially when it cuts deeply into the same old system of generations. 

But, it happened. It is a fact. A man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama is President of this nation. We did it!

The people of the old system want to pull us back into darkness and regression – into the old patriarchal system – it's to be expected, and there is a remote chance that they might succeed … but, even then …

… it can only be for a short while.

I have great hope for all of us, for the system has been cracked wide open, and when that type of change occurs, there is no turning back. Indeed, I believe the 2008 election has far reaching consequences for everyone considered a minority in a patriarchal system. 

"Barack ran so all our children could fly."

Just as an aside …

… I must say that I can't help but identify with the political situation on a personal level. For I feel that in a sense the changes I have been making with the help of therapy and reflection, have cut deeply into my own brain and family system, and for me too there is no turning back.