Blimey what a week that was

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Climbing out of the cave I laid low in this past week to wait out the storm, I discover a clearer, safer world. I breathe in and out and feel the cooler air coursing through my veins. Moving on I marvel at the resilience of young children to overcome all kinds of abusive parenting and not only survive, but excel. I realize that the kindness of strangers and surrogates are critical to children's resilience. I now have a theme – a focus. An exploration about the importance of surrogates in the lives of young children everywhere. 

Unpacking the term, "kindness of strangers," it does not have to be grand acts, although those are included of course. It is in the small day to day reaching out, listening and validating, as well as invitations into another's home, and taking care of someone with food, finances and emotional support. For example, I remember arriving at Inge's door, in my early adulthood, in need of someone to talk to – a safe, emotional haven. Slipping into my bed that night in her small guest room, I noticed a bowl of strawberries at my bedside. That act of generosity and kindness stayed with me forever. For, in that moment, concretely, I knew I was important to someone, and deserving of a sweet treat before turning out the light.

This past week, I survived my storms laying low in my cave. However, there were a number of acts of kindness from no longer strangers, but strangers who have become friends, that made me stronger than ever. I am indebted to each and every one of them – for noticing, listening, believing in me, and even taking action on my behalf: Marion, Ilene, Mira, Nancy, and Anna.

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