The blog connects

by tamarjacobson

Yesterday morning, a colleague stopped by my office. She poked her head around the door and said, "I don't know if this would count as guilt for your blog, but do I have a story for you!"

She continued:

… Well, most days I feel like I have to to accomplish way more than any
person should or possibly can do in a single day.
 For the most part, I
handle this pretty well and take it in my stride! Basically, I am a very
happy person. However, there are always those days where a mini
meltdown occurs anyway. For example, on Friday night, I had reached my
boiling point (through no fault of anyone) so I left the half cooked dinner
in the oven, put my 3 year old in front of the TV, told my husband, "I'm
done for the day." Then, I grabbed my Kindle and got in bed (oh yea…
it was only about 6:30)!  

After resurfacing later in the
evening, I emailed a good friend and colleague who I knew could relate. I retold her my story of the evening's events. Her email response
said, "Well, my day started with a dead fish!" I'm not sure who trumps
who there, but it is good to have friends to relate to what you are
going through in your life

I was delighted that she told me her story, because I realized that other parents or teachers might connect or relate to my new blog in similar ways. The fact that it existed had already encouraged my colleague to think about her feelings and interactions as a parent.  

I asked her to email me her story, and received permission to post it on my blog. She responded immediately.