Clear morning

by tamarjacobson

Exercise in writing:

1. Make a list:

Clarity, clarifying, clearing, opening, awareness, exaltation, settling, understanding, sensing, feeling, vibrating, hearing, tingling, breathing, noticing, eyes widening, softness, storm abating, surviving, resilience, wonder, awe 

2. 10 minutes … go:

Awaking to a feeling of clarity having survived a storm of feelings prior to today. It is awesome. Even the hazy, horizon looks clear, and I hear the tiniest sounds of starlings and gold finch in the air, even chirping of other unnamed birds. I breathe in and out and find myself settling into the day, eyes widening, fingers tingling and a softness as I open up to the day. Maturity comes when I realize it is all in my attitude and the choices I make. Ten minutes is not enough time to explore all the feelings and sensations that arise with a clear morning. A day to celebrate our labors, the laborers. Picnics and barbecues as we watch summer disappear and leaves start to turn. A day of reflection as the Jewish New Year approaches – always a time of year I embrace with the turn of the seasons, apples and honey, fresh options, second chances, and time unfolds me turning, shifting and tossing me gently towards a new semester, winter, and holidays filled with good will. I am full of good will this morning even towards those who have caused me pain.

Recently I read in Street Zen that compassion is not only about being kind, but about being strong enough to set boundaries for those we love.

It was a different slant to my understanding of the word. 

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