Coming of age (Update)

by tamarjacobson

Photo on 9-3-13 at 7.28 PM

Looking in the mirror, I am surprised to see who stares back at me. "Is that me in a wig?" I wonder to myself. What happened to all those other ages and stages of me? Are they still a part of me? Or have they gone forever?

Looking at childhood photographs, back when I lived in Rhodesia, I sense that little girl is still in me somewhere:


Or – the young woman I became living in Israel? Is she still somewhere inside me?

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  • Uttly
  • Tamarika

And then, there are those years I became a student in and of America all those 25 years ago. Where is that person? I wonder – is that still me?

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All that hair  … 

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Michmoret 018

Is that what made me … me?

Or did taking it off bring me into my age?


I am coming into my age – 64 – accepting the person I see in the mirror these days. But I wonder how all those other pieces, faces, ages and stages, have affected and influenced the way I think, feel, and react these days. 

I want to live in the here and now – just experience this moment right now – I really do – and I believe I might be getting better at that. 

But sometimes, just once in awhile, I like to remember how I arrived here.


Quote of today:

We all walk the long road. Cannot stay…
There's no need to say goodbye…
All the friends and family
All the memories going round, round, round, round Eddie Vedder

On my morning walk, I think about this post, and listen to The Long Road. Perhaps all this nostalgia is about saying goodbye to those old ages, bidding farewell, so that I might embrace the me of now.