Morning rumination

by tamarjacobson

I guess self reflection is never done. We don't just self reflect, have epiphanies, and then everything works itself out. Self work is all about a few steps forward and then some back. So many metaphors describe that process that it would be boring for me to write about them here or now. I think I am thankful when the regressions are fewer and farther between, and when I can hold still with the good feelings for longer periods of time. That way, there is always hope for progress. Perhaps that would make me a cup-half-full type of person? I remarked something about that to Life Partner yesterday as we walked in the charming snowy streets of Chestnut Hill on our way to purchase groceries to make a pot of beef stew. He had been craving a steaming hot, nourishing, thick stew for awhile, and so decided to pull out his old beloved crock pot and make one. As our shoes and boots crunched through the fresh snow on the ground I said, "There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who see the beautiful white snow all around, and those who warn of the slushy dirt that comes shortly after." "Yeah," he responded immediately. "There are those who complain when it's hot, and then again when it's cold." I suppose it is good to be warned of the future "slushiness" of life, right at the moment of enjoying pleasure in the wonder of nature and its snow, snow, snow. I mean, to be prepared, you know! I just prefer to hold still with the pleasure, feel the joy to the depth of my being, and then worry about the disasters of the world later, if and when they come upon me. On the other hand, surprises – good or bad – can be very disconcerting. Ho hum. Complexity! Neither good nor bad – black nor white – but grayish. That's more like it, really. So perhaps there are not just two kinds of people in this world – but a whole bunch of all kinds, with complex feelings, hopes, dreams, joys, desires, and, certainly, with all manner of ways of expressing it all.

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