Doing something else with my life

by tamarjacobson

Quotes of the day:

… And remember, too, you can stay at home, safe in the familiar illusion of certainty. Do not set out without realizing that the way is not without danger. Everything good is costly, and the development of the personality is one of the most costly of all things. It will cost you your innocence, your illusions, you certainty

If you have a hero, look again: you have diminished yourself in some way. Sheldon B. Kopp

My mother held my brother up as the standard for: intelligence, morality, artistic, musical and literary taste, behavior, political and religious belief … everything, really.

I took her very seriously, because I must have valued her opinion, and especially because I so desperately wanted her to acknowledge me.

However, I could not match up to the standard no matter how I tried …

… and I believe I spent most of my life trying.

And, now?

I have decided to give up trying.

And do something else with my life … Like: live without fear, and trust myself.

And, in dramatic ways it is changing the way I feel about me, and my relationships with those closest to me.

I have everything to thank for my therapist, and for my courage not to: stay at home, safe in the familiar illusion of certainty.

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