Countdown to 65

by tamarjacobson

There are eleven days to go until I turn 65. It feels like I have been traveling for some time to reach this point in the journey. Sixty four years to be exact!

And, much has changed since I was a child:


Growing up in Africa there are so many tales to tell. All I know is when I met Patrick from Zimbabwe at the World Forum on Early Care and Education last week, I felt as close to my childhood as ever. He wrote a greeting in the book I created in the Lakeshore room:

From the heart of Zimbabwe, a country and a place which is home to you in many ways …

In Israel I became a mother and a teacher.

Gilad's 40th 5

And, in America I became an adult.


A colleague, from a different country, almost the same age as me, also wrote in my World Forum memory book last week:

Dear Friend! What joy!! Abundance of spirit! Strength of heart! Love L

And I thought to myself, "Yes. This is exactly how I want to greet age 65 … the day I officially become a Senior – with joy, abundance of spirit, and strength of heart."

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