The secrets of my success

by tamarjacobson

Today, as I drove into work, I found myself wondering what I would say if I was ever asked in an interview about what I considered the secrets of my success. 

"First," I thought, "I had the courage to face myself with self reflection through therapy and in-depth, internal ethnography."

Second: I learned to hold still with painful feelings of anger and regret – not suppress or deny them – especially in the face of hurtful behaviors from others. When I validate my feelings, I find space to understand that other people's behaviors are not about me – rather they are manifestations of their own insecurities, stuck in old, irrelevant paradigms, or seeking blame outside of themselves.

Third – and this has been key for me: Allowing myself to experience my feelings opens me up to send love and light out to those who hurt me, and, then just let them go.

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