The interpretation of dreams

by tamarjacobson

I had a recurring dream last night, one that over the years I have tried to understand to no avail. Today I think I solved the mystery. It came to me as Life Partner and I were sitting comfortably in my study with our morning coffee. I was talking about my latest therapy session, and how I feel as if lately I am touching the very core, the source of emotional trauma from my childhood. I described the pain as both excruciating and healing all at the same time – something I have needed to confront for a very long time in order to be free of the past. And then, suddenly, in the midst of our conversation – there it was – the mystery was uncovered, and I understood what the recurring dream meant to me. 

I chose not to divulge my thoughts about that with Life Partner, just as I choose not to report the story of my dream on my blog this morning. However, I do want to recognize how sharing my inner life publicly has been important for me as a way of validating my experience. Indeed, seeing my emotional life story out there in print allowed me to acknowledge that it was real.