Flowing like a river …

by tamarjacobson

My head is filled with things to say: about my life and much about the early childhood profession. For professional and personal are connected in our work with young children and their families. With each interaction, the "inner child" rises up from my emotional memory, and influences my behaviors or decisions. The time for writing is upon me but digesting ideas and feelings comes first. They accompany me through my chores, down the shore, at the pool as I swim laps, on my walks around the neighborhood or in the beautiful Wissahickon valley, driving to and from work, while I meditate, and when I am mowing the lawn, weeding, or cutting off dead flower heads in the garden.

I imagine that when I sit down to write these thoughts out, they will flow from me like a river.

Unless, of course, I procrastinate. You know the deal: cleaning closets, rearranging photo albums, or browsing the Inter-webs. 

"How will I fit it all in?" I ask myself, "Writing, walking, Chairing, teaching, presenting, eating, sleeping, visiting, playing … and what will happen to my blog?" I wonder, "Is that excitement or trepidation speaking?"

For me, self expression is always accompanied by anxiety and enthusiasm. It is an emotional deal – serious. 

I read over the words I have written here, and feel a tingling of energy in the palms of my hands. I notice that my breaths have become shorter – staccato – and I sense a sort of hum – a vibration ever so slightly in my brain.

Yes indeed, the book is percolating and bubbling up inside.

It's time to let it out …

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