by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

Keep typing until it turns into writing. David Carr

Inspiration. Ten minutes … go (Natalie Goldberg):

People, who do great things. Women after my own heart. People, who speak the same language. Resilience in others. Watching them survive great ordeals and come out wiser and more compassionate – not bitter. Kindness inspires me. Imagining greatness as a way to help people through dark moments. Writing down my story and having others identify with what I am saying. Watching the "aha" moments in students' eyes when they understand something emotionally as well as cognitively. Feeling excited and exhilarated with a new idea, strong feelings, or being acknowledged and validated. Having lunch with an emotionally intelligent friend who understands my humor. Reading poetry. Reading Deborah Feldman's two books recently. The arts. Great book, movie, painting. My son's piano playing. Singing with him accompanying me. Walking five miles in the brisk, cold air of winter, crossing a field of snow and ice, and making it to the other side. Music, music, music. Dance, dance, dance. Waking very early in the morning and feeling the quiet of the house with just the gentle mewing of cats as they wait impatiently for their breakfast. Watching the sun struggling to shine weakly through the wintry morning. Oh, and did I say resilience? For resilience inspires me. Just getting through it and seeing that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Remembering now that first "A" grade on my first paper back in 1988 when I went back to school at age 39, when I thought I could never do it. And I did it. Memories of resilience through hard times – coming out stronger, more loving, with my heart wide open. In the early morning, shall we rise and find our greatest thoughts and feelings accompanying us in our hearts and minds? Spilling them out into Cyberspace for no one and everyone in particular to read. Just to be heard even in silence. Closing my eyes and sensing the new day approaching. Feeling hopeful, heart expanding into what each new moment will bring. Boredom perhaps. Regret. Just to be heard.

Even in silence.

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