Writing routine

by tamarjacobson

Time to create a writing routine. Am thinking this will mean lessening my use of social media and cutting down on Internet Scrabble games. Or, perhaps I can use all those as rewards for writing each day as many words as needed to complete the first draft of my book by June. What a bind! Starting phased retirement with deadlines! And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It excites me – the prospect of this book. I put off the writing because I don’t want it to be done at the other end … and then what? I like the feeling of knowing what is coming during the writing and reading up for it. A subject so near to my heart that it breaks. Some people catch a thrill from mountain climbing or bungee jumping. I get it from delving deep into the heart and soul of the psyche – uncovering awareness – of what makes us tick.

So plans are afoot for my writing routine. Probably early in the morning – the time between the edge of night and break of day … when, for me, thoughts and memories are the freshest. Or directly after my shower, after a long walk, or taking myself out to my favorite breakfast restaurant, because often my finest thoughts pop into my brain during those times I am alone with me. Who knows? All I know for right now is I sense a fire in my belly, and when that happens – the writing is sure to follow.

With each writing project I develop a different flow. At the time I wrote my other books early morning was necessary before I started the work day. Now that I have all the time in the world I suspect the routine will be created along the way.

This morning, I give thanks to my new blog, for it has already gotten me into a writing mood, and a routine is evolving as we speak.