by tamarjacobson

Walking in the crisp, fall afternoon, looking up at the rust colored leaves against a clear, blue sky, I could not help but feel gratitude for that beautiful day. My feet seemed to fly across the pavement and through piles of leaves raked to the side of the road. I carried two letters to post as soon as I came across a mailbox on my way. Suddenly a postal van drew up slowly next to me and the mailman reached out his window. "Ma'am," he said, "Can I take those for you?" he pointed down to the letters dangling in my hand by the side of my body. I beamed at him. "Oh!" I exclaimed, surprised at his noticing me, while driving by on his busy afternoon, postal rounds."Thank you so much," I said, smiling widely as I handed him the letters. He smiled back, and drove off into the distance, his little, white van personally harboring my mail. I started to jog a little down the road, Annie Lennox singing, "Hallelujah," through my earphones at exactly the right moment. 

I returned home breathing deeply, sweating from the exercise as the sun stretched across the sky, and a chill returned to the coming-of-evening air. I had thought that I was not going to do a Thanksgiving, gratitude, count-down this year.

But after yesterday afternoon, I think I have already started it!

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