Healing dimensions: Part IV

by tamarjacobson

Quote of the day:

"I most often find that happiness is right where I planted it." Written on my favorite coffee mug by Curly Girl Design.


Of course, I cannot emphasize enough how much of an impact the kindness and support of people I have met along my life's journey has had on my healing. For, each experience that shakes up distorted realities I had confirmed and reconfirmed about me, starts a relearning and reorganizing of the emotional memory templates in my brain. Knowing when to reach out and hold onto those people, who helped me see a different version of myself was, and still is, critical to the restoration of my wounded psyche. 

I could not have taken this road alone, although, at the same time it has often felt like such a solitary process. As I read over these words, I realize that this sounds like some kind of introduction to an acknowledgement section of my memoir. But, quite honestly I am humbled by the kindness of strangers I have encountered so many times just when I thought I had reached the various seemingly dead ends in my life. Indeed, I think that one of my strengths is the ability to recognize these people when they arrive! 

They share some common qualities: the ability to listen – really listen; believe my story and validate my feelings; know how to be there with me without giving advice; even know how to sit together in silence if necessary; be genuinely glad to see me; and make an effort to see me as a priority from time to time. This is not stated as a judgement of how people should be. It is more like a way for me to clarify the characteristics that have been helpful for me to learn how to fill the hole in my soul.

Lately, just having it reinforced repeatedly that I am not crazy to have the feelings I have, has been the most healing of all. Here, could follow a detailed list of people I have met along the way describing moments in time, quotes, insights, or behaviors that have influenced me. I sense a stirring of memories of such things, and an itching to write it all down. That will have to be for another time, or perhaps a different venue.

Suffice it to say that this morning I am feeling grateful for those who have accompanied me, and others who still do. In their/your honor, I might even dedicate a celebratory planting in the already flourishing garden for this most welcomed rainy Earth Day. 

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